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Best of the Best 2016

Our 12th Annual  Best of the Best Selections

Our 12th annual roundup of the best local dining offers a huge helping of great tastes. Local, sustainable, farm-to-table cooking continues to be served up at local restaurants. As does craft brewing, now complemented with local spirits at new area distilleries.

So, see what people are talking about when they talk about food—innovative chefs, best picks at farmers markets, best burgers, tacos and shawarmas.

You’ll find comfort food, healthy food, drive-thru meals, along with best snacks and apps, plus doggie dining. From pre-theater dinners, prix fixe menus and small plates, to neighborhood spots and best bars for meeting friends—they’re all here.

And, keeping it local, we’ve got the best local wines and local cookbooks, too.

Enjoy dining out in 2016!

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