Tuesday, 25 July 2017 18:25

Good to Know / August

Written by  County Lines Magazine

Dog with small hand weight in his mouthWoofs and Reps

Need an exercise buddy? Try the recent fitness and social media craze: Squat Your Dog. This routine has you ditching the barbells and heaving your furry friend over your shoulders, holding Fido by the leg and arm, then doing a set of squats. But first, know your dog’s weight and be sure your pooch is positioned comfortably. Take a video of your workout to post on Facebook. Maybe you’ll inspire your two-legged friends!


Inside a liquor store.Holiday Spirits

Thanks to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s new Act 39, you won’t have to plan ahead to buy wine or liquor for your parties on several national holidays. To improve convenience for their customers, select Fine Wine and Good Spirits stores in PA will now be open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day. But sadly, not on Labor Day. FineWineAndGoodSpirits.com and LCB.PA.gov.


Chart depicting dogsDog Days Almost Over

Ever wonder why the hottest weeks of the summer—early July to mid-August—are called Dog Days? The term comes from the ancient Roman phrase dies caniculares, or “puppy days,” for the rising of Sirius, the “Dog Star” and not because dogs tend to get lazy from the heat then—though maybe that’s a factor. The Romans believed Sirius’s radiant light mingled with the sun’s heat, causing a stint of extra hot days in midsummer. Wonderopolis.org.


Kittens in a window.Kitties in Kennett

Chester County’s first ever cat café opens this month in Kennett Square! Treetops Kitty Café on West State Street is a nonprofit shelter filled with free-roaming cats you can play with, all of which can be adopted. The café is a healthier alternative to caged shelters because it allows cats to socialize with people and other felines. The café will also feature events and activities, from animal care lectures to community yoga. TreetopsKittyCafe.com.


MapKnow Local History

Pennsylvania was the second state to curb slave laws when, spurred by efforts of Quakers and Methodists, it passed the Gradual Abolition Act in 1780, raising the status of enslaved people to indentured servants. Because Delaware and Maryland continued recognizing slavery, PA became a sanctuary for freedom seekers and played a key part in the Underground Railroad, notably in Chester County around Kennett Square. Brush up on local history and explore over two dozen railroad “stations” through tours at Kennett’s Underground Railroad Center. KennettUndergroundRR.org and SlaveNorth.com.